First Church of the Fresh Air

by Virgil Shepp

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This song does not supply iodide

First church of the fresh air
We havin a meetin on the corner givin the word ear
Let it breathe like a wine let it marinate
Put the seed in the ground let it germinate
Ancient questions that we postulate
What we do when we do for the people's sake
And if the love from the sky is really what they say
Then his eye must be fixed on the sparrow's fate
If ascension is the goal we gotta start from the asphalt
Pour out a little for the folks that done passed on
In the hopes they help us navigate
Through this backwater swampland we habitate
Lady told me said this city is the rock
Hard times hard livin but we people of the stock
That is the broth no chicken
People of the acorn rib stickin
My mans always say we meetin for a reason
No coincidental in this here eternal season
Call it smooth hustle call it what you will
But his daughter got the light it aint hard to tell
That's why I listen round the edges the fringes they cringin
To hear the gospel spoken from the mouths of injuns
Crackheads, fools, retards and fiends
Love of the cypher found in every livin being
First church of the open air
We congregatin on the corner
Believe that

Church of fresh air
We meetin here
every night
Church of fresh air
We meetin here
all of the time

Here we are again
I'm seein clearer now my friend
Yes we meetin for a reason
On this day we makin

See that hawk up to his knees
In dirty water
Tracin back its lineage to you and me

Godfather laughed
They played a trick on his old ass
Cuz the credits to the movie
Lasted longer than the movie

Have you ever felt so strong that ya
fell in love?


released June 17, 2014
Music written and played by Virgil Shepp



all rights reserved


Virgil Shepp Chicago, Illinois

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