by Virgil Shepp

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Train on its tracks boat on its river
Crabgrass growin tall to the rhythm
Back porch bare feet still sittin
Cool breeze slide past so fittin
Wouldn't have it any other way
And even so you gotta give just to take away
The city mind its movements with sidelong glances
Like a rooster peckin order for answers
Can this life be simultaneously
Of you of me simultaneously
Major minor key simultaneously
Freak the beat please
Let the rhythm breathe let it breathe
"It make you weak at the knees"
Shawty on the FM
Meanwhile flip the dial and I AM

Usain when I Bolted at the crack of the gun
Lapped one but nevertheless I'm still lapped on
Lappin water out a tin can
Dog dish tide pool my reflection
Did my best to tell the whole truth nuttin but it
But all I got's a butter knife
Couldn't cut it
Words scurvy, shifty, blurry
Change colors like blood when it's spurtin
Fresh sidewalk I wrote my name in it
They said if God got a plan it ain't no changin it
Mahalia said she wanna live what she sing in it
But every time I tell the tale I be tamin it
'Kast say you only funky as your last cut
So imma keep it shaggy like a mullet
Stupid things people say just to pass the time
But every phrase chalk the day and define

It's so far but you know that I tried

0-1-1-2-2-3-3-4-4-5-5-6-6-7-7-8-8-9-9-10-10-0. . . .


released April 3, 2014
Written, performed, and produced by Virgil Shepp



all rights reserved


Virgil Shepp Chicago, Illinois

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