It's Where You Got Those Shoes

by Virgil Shepp

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Hey Hey bet I guess where you got those shoes
You got them standin on Cass avenue
Oh you heard that one well I've just begun
I got stories make you fall out
Go to sleep don't wake up RIP fall out

Smokin Smoker's Choice outside of Receivin
They said I ain't gettin better and I won't be leavin
It's five ways to Sunday like hospital doors
And no they not quite open and no they not quite closed
He said it's just a little bit harder this time because it's his fault
And bad luck blames easy and bull shit walk. . .
and it talk and crawl and drive and swim, fly, climb, run, ride a horse,
use a smartphone, watch the five o'clock news, play football, sleep eight hours a day, take a nap eat breakfast, take a shower. . . all that

I think I know you from someplace
I think I seen you before
Have you ever been locked up?
You useda fuck with the blows?
That's right last Sunday we were talkin bout love
That's right last Sunday we were talkin bout the joy

Out here
We're all out here
We're out here
We're outside
We're all out here

Caught betwixt and between
Can you dig this scene?
Outside 365
I've never seen a house through which time could not fly


released January 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Virgil Shepp Chicago, Illinois

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