Like a match to the grit

by Virgil Shepp

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Like a match to the grit
Sunset peach pit
So exquisite is the sadness
Make you feel alive
Melancholy of the I and I
And it's funny how a few notes
Bring it round like bike spokes
And this world type-write folks
Hear the ding and you're done for
Like some chicken in the hot oil
Funny thing grease calm when it's at a boil
And I done lived for the day to day
Wholesome as a bushel of alfalfa hay
With my hands in my pockets
Hopes close but forgotten by this progress
It is what it ain't said the Ying Yang
As he lay his cloth on the weaver's frame

See ya later same time same channel
This for my people on the ground, gravel
Real life decisions callin shots, gavel
And you can feel the spirit talk, tabernacle
Useda stay on Albernathy in Atlanta
This recollection sweeps my mind like a shadow
J-walk the rhythm catter-corner see it claro
Keep my head high why you enfadado?
Sidewalk cracks lead my step into tomorow
Get at me baby all you gotta do is hollo
Sheapreetit Shawty lo the line I had to borrow
I know it's hard to swallow how I'm rhymin like a swallow
On the off chance of a side glance
A sun ray ricochet off the Cartier frames
never underestimate what the day gone bring


released March 21, 2014
music n words by virgil shepp



all rights reserved


Virgil Shepp Chicago, Illinois

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